ABDOMINAL migraines

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Conduct a literature review. Literature reviews gather and synthesize all major studies on a particular subject to answer deeper questions about what we might learn by having all of the information. To do this properly, you must not just list the sources—instead, interrogate and explore and combine. A literature review is a review of the current literature—it’s a meta-study—a study of what the other studies say. This is not the kind of research paper you’re used to doing, which is where you simply use other sources to back up your point. Here, your point is to synthesize what these articles say to give us the most up to date information. Your literature review will be stronger if you have a methodology section, as one of our samples does.
Audience: For this essay, you will relate scientific information for a scientific audience (physicians, researchers, etc.; assume you are submitting this to a broad medical journal—your readers will be familiar with common medical jargon and are highly educated, but will need you to explain certain new or uncommon concepts/terms).
Topic: ABDOMINAL migraines

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