The Truth About Genetically Modified Food

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Read the article from Scientific American, “The Truth About Genetically Modified Food.”
Plants, of course, provide many resources to people, including food, textiles, medicine, building materials, chemicals, and ecosystem services. Genetically modified foods are ones where genes from other organisms are inserted into food plants to give them a desirable trait, such as greater drought resistance.
Consider the following questions in your discussion:
1. How do you feel about genetically modified foods? Why?

2. What did you think of the position proposed by the article, that all foods should be better tested before going to market, regardless of whether they are genetically modified? Why? Would you be willing to pay higher prices for food to make this happen?

3. There have been non-food plants that have been genetically modified, such as ornamental plants that have been changed so the flowers last longer. These changes make commercial sense, but unlike food plants, there is no humanitarian need to have pretty flowers persist for a longer time. What do you think about making genetic changes to plants that do not benefit the food supply? Why?
After you make your initial post, respond to at least two of your classmates.

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