Analysis of Epic Games’ (and Bandcamp’s) resources and capabilities to identify its’ distinctive competencies

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T​‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‌‌‌​ask Sheet/Information
Task Overview:
Background: You are a new graduate working for a global strategy consulting firm. Your about to commence working on your first client project. Glenda Tsang, the Senior Partner you work for, has asked all members of your team to individually analyse the company’s situation. She is a firm believer in the benefits of diversity and would like your independent expert views prior to bringing the team together to discuss the project. She would like each of you to prepare an overview of the strategic issues facing the client.
Strategic evaluation report

Glenda has requested that in your report you include:
• An analysis of Epic Games’ (and Bandcamp’s) resources and capabilities to identify its’ distinctive competencies;
• identify the key success factors that are the major determinants of success in Epic Games’ key market segments;
• integrate the above two analyses to identify what are Epic Games (and Bandcamp’s) strengths and weaknesses in relation to market opportunities; and
• summarise Epic Games (and Bandcamps) situation by compiling a “priority list” of strategic issues that require senior executive attention. This summary needs to articulate Epic Games’ needs, reflects the main challenges, and point towards the necessary analyses to be conducted to evaluate strategic options.
The report will need to address all four elements and how you structure the report is up to you.
However, Glenda does prefer for key insights/conclusions to be delivered up-front, with no surprises. She often says “Suspense kills! If your audience knows your key conclusions from the get-go, the rest of the report can walk them through how you came to that decision, it’s easier for them to follow your line of reasoning!”

So, as a general guide, think of the report as having 5 parts:
• Executive summary – single page that contains all the key points from your report
• Internal Analysis – Epic Games’ (and Bandcamp) distinctive competencies
• External Analysis – Key success factors for client’s key market segments
• Integration – Analysis of Epic Games’ current and future competitiveness in key market segments
• Strategic issues – what are the key challenges facing Epic Games? What are the key strategic questions that need to be addressed? What is your preliminary answer to these questions?
Glenda senses that you are nervous, and she takes you for a coffee to provide some guidance on what she is looking for. She notes this is not a standard “university type essay” and that you need to add value beyond just properly using a framework or two. She is after the insights you draw from the frameworks/tools not a demonstration that you can “use” a collection of tools.

She notes that ” as an analyst your key job is not to analyse but to synthesis! It is your ability the put together the important pieces. It is the capacity to synthesis rather than to just analysis, it is seeing the big picture, crossing boundaries, being able to combine disparate pieces into an arresting whole. To sort out what really matters, by absorbing the detail in the data and providing back meaning. Data is useless until patterns are imposed on them. This requires you to edit, withhold, highlight, and know what to exclude as much as what to include. We add value through sense-making and sense-giving to provide others with the insights and resources to act in order to make a positive difference!
I do not care what you did or how long you worked, I only care about the insights​‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‌‌‌​ you found and what value you can add to our client.”

She left you with your now cold coffee to digest what she had said.
General Guidelines for completing the report
The focus is on the logic of your argument and how well your report builds a clear coherent business case for decision makers. This means part of your task is to decide what information to include your report and what information is interesting but not important. The writing will need to be crisp and precise. Focus on the quality of your analysis rather than quantity. To this end, if appropriate, you can use bullet points.
Note, there are multiple potential correct answers to the case. The quality of your report comes down to how well you can justify your conclusions and how persuasive your argument/analysis is. Therefore, you will need to consider not just what you say but how you say it.

Note, the list of tools/frameworks we cover in class are not exhaustive, so feel free to go beyond this list if there are other tools you feel will be useful. Adequately applying all the tools will not guarantee a good grade. It is only part of the process, a good report requires that you synthesis this information to build a compelling case rather than just report findings. Using a bunch of frameworks and throwing them into your report and hoping that something sticks will get you a pass (at best).

No references are required for this report, but it does require that you demonstrate your understanding of strategic management through application of your strategic analysis knowledge. However, if you do use a framework, statistics, you do need to acknowledge where you got it from. Use footnotes to acknowledge, as these are less intrusive.
In summary, the aim of your report is to define the situation facing the client. You are demonstrating your understanding of the situation in order to establish agreement on the business-critical issues the client wants to resolve. Your report needs to articulate what short-term and long-term decisions need to be made?
In terms of the situation-complication-question-answer-resolution framework, your focus is on the SCQ component. You can provide a preliminary answer, but the detailed recommendations for how to address the strategic issues is the focus of assessment item 2.

Cover Page:
• Include the title of your report, your name, student number, unit code (MGB133), tutor’s name, tutorial time, and the final word count of your report.
Length/Word Count: The word limit for is 2000 words. This word count includes general text, headings, citations, tables, footnotes, etc. However, the word limit does not include the cover page or reference list. The word limit is 2000 words. Anything beyond 2000 words will not be read or marked.

We offer the following word count guidance as a suggestion:
• Executive summary – single page that contains all the key points from your report (approx 250- 400 words)
• Internal Analysis – Clients distinctive competencies > resources and capabilities (approx. 400-500 words)
• External Analysis – Key success factors for key market segments (approx. 400-500 words)
• Integration – Analysis of Epic Games’ current and future competitiveness in key market segments (approx. 400-500 words)

• Situation statement – what are the key challenges/questions facing the client (400-500 words).
• Appendices: No limit applied but will also not be assessed.
Provided as support for conclusions provided in main body. In other words, in the report you provide what you found and the so wha​‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍‌‌‌‌‌‌​t, and in the appendix you can provide what you did and how you found it.

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