Iris Rice has managed Polly’s Sweet Treats and Drinks for 10 years. The owner, M

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Iris Rice has managed Polly’s Sweet Treats and Drinks for 10 years. The owner, Mamie Hammond, essentially gave Iris full control about seven years ago. Mamie had established Polly’s almost 30 years ago and has been in semi-retirement for about the last five years. Mamie is considering selling the store and is giving Iris first choice. Iris is extremely excited about the prospect of owning her own business. However, Iris wants to expand the offerings and ultimately increase the number of locations.
Currently, the menu consisted of dessert like food such as cakes, pies, tarts, muffins, doughnuts, and other pastries. The drinks were a variety of sodas that included diet and caffeine free drinks. Polly’s also served a variety of hot and cold teas, hot and cold coffees, as well as milk, hot chocolate, milk shakes, frozen drinks, etc. Iris thinks that she will have to expand the menu to include things beyond sweet treats and drinks.
She talked it over with Mamie. Mamie’s concern was that since such a variety of customers visited Polly’s it would be a challenge to fulfill all their likes. Plus, many people liked the store as it was. They had visited it as children and now brought their kids there. Would they lose customers or gain them if changes were made? After much discussion Mamie and Iris agreed that they needed more information about what their customers liked and didn’t like.
Answer the following questions (Be sure to use terms, concepts from the text, and that directly relate to an SCM strategy):
Iris Rice is planning to take a huge step toward changing Polly’s Sweet Treats and Drinks’ business strategy. What does she need to do to collect the type of data she’ll require to make an effective decision? Explain what you would do if you were her. What would be your plan? Be specific, use terms and strategies from the text. 10 points
Assume Ms. Rice moves forward with her plan to change the menu. This could alter the current customer base. Advise her on actions she should take to address customer defections. Explain how the actions will benefit her and potentially prevent customer defections, integrate your answers with strategies from the text. 10 points
The case suggests that many of Polly’s Sweet Treats and Drinks’ customers are from the same community. Parents came there as children and are now bringing their children there. Would you recommend that Iris use social CRM? Why or why not? 10 points.

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