What is value stream mapping?

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Read the Value Stream Mapping Case Reading. Then complete Part 1 and Part 2 below.
1. What is value stream mapping?
2. When do you think it value stream mapping might be useful for a manager?
3. Eliminating the queue of work dramatically quickens the time it takes a part to flow through the system. What are the disadvantages of removing those queues?
4. How do you think the machine operators would react to the change?
5. What would you do to ensure that the operators were kept busy?
1. Think of a process that you could map from your personal life. It could be a process you work with at work. It could be a process at home. It could be a process involved with buying something (like a house).
2. Map the process as it exists now (the current state). Don’t worry, you don’t have to use too many different symbols, like you see in the reading. Just process and material symbols are all you need. This can be a very simple VSM – we’re just learning the basics here.
3. Then, map an improved version of the process (the future state). Provide a short description of the improvement you made (30-50 words).
NOTE: You can draw the VSM in PPT or Word. You can also hand draw it and take a picture (probably the easiest solution).

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