What method is best for developing effective teams

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Discussion Assignment was…
What method is best for developing effective teams? Which method would you personally be most comfortable in leading? Explain.
Please write responses to the students posts below.
Example response from another student on a discussion below…
EX) “Hi my good buddy! I hope you are doing well. As always, you have done a great job on our assignment this week! I like that you added that the risk associated with junk bonds can make them more affordable. This has been a very interesting topic to learn about. :)”
This is not the best example because the responses need to include some knowledge. on the topic from the dicussion not just “great job.”
Student A Disussion Post:
Hello everyone!
The best method can be training and coaching. To me, these kind of go hand and hand. Employees need to be trained to know and learn how certain things need to be done. Coaching is also telling them step by step on how to do a situation and how they can handle it. If an employee does not know how to handle a situation and they just take it in to their own hands and end up doing the wrong thing, then that can also be mis communication due to other employees and the training/ coaching side because they were not trained nor coached through the steps.
The method I would feel most comfortable with will probably be training. At my old job, I was known as a “lead staff” and the other employees would come to me about accidents and situation that happen before we took it to our boss. So, with that, I have trained other staff and showed them how situations can be handled on their level and then be handled on my level, and if it got too bad then it would go to our boss. With training, I will say it is very important to talk about everything, does not matter if it just a small thing, talk about it. Let those staff know what is to be expected and what you are looking for out of them. Always communicate and let them know that you are there to talk when they need you.
Student B Discussion Post:
Professor and Class,
Having a successful team is essential to achieving the goals set down by superiors. The show and tell method, combines structured examples and training to inform and coach the expected result from the team. Having trust and confidence in the team chosen is a best practice for building a team. I would say that having each member of that team understand what their role is and how they are expected to execute that role will be crucial to the team dynamic and their cohesion. Being the person leading the team is a vital role. A leader needs to be able to jump into a specific position to help but then needs to be able to exit just as quickly to monitor the rest of the team. Letting your team be an entity on a mission will get the job done.
I personally like the show and tell with training and coaching method of constructing a team. The results that have followed in my own experience have been favorable. Giving my team the confidence that I trust that they know what and how to do what they have been trained to do, gives them the power to do it.
Response needed!

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