The Goal and “6-TOC”

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This week your individual paper is due on The Goal and “6-TOC”. You should consider your textbook, the PDF articles I have uploaded for you and any peer-reviewed journal articles on Lean Six Sigma and the Theory of Constraints. Do not cite Wikipedia, consultant websites or industry trade magazines.
Your paper is to have a title page with appropriate information.
Your paper is to have a reference page in APA format for all references listed in the text.
Your paper is to be 5 pages, single-spaced, 1-inch margins, 11 font.
You are to provide at least three meaningful citations from each the article (6TOC) and The Goal by eliyahu goldratt . You can cite other resources as you will. There should be at least 3 direct citations.
The paper is to be comprehensive of the tenets of the Theory of Constraints and 6TOC.
If you have a project at work that you would like to apply the 6TOC/The Goal principles toward, you can write about it. This can be the last page of the 5 page paper. This would mean that you have 4 pages comprehensively covering the tenets of 6TOC and The Goal and 1 page covering the proposed project at your work.
Please note – I am not going to be satisfied with 1/2 page, 1/3 page, 3/4 page, etc. I expect 5 full pages (or more if you want) on this content. If others can write complete books and/or articles on these subjects, then a 5-page paper is certainly attainable.

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