Explain the current business e-commerce features

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Upon completing your Group Assignment – Parts A and B; in agroup, you will be asked to create a powerpoint presentation of your chosen e-commerce business. Your presentation should cover all the elemnts that were discussed in the assignment as listed below:
Presentation must have the following format:
1. First slide: Cover Page
2. Business profile: Name of the business and what is your business, target market, marketplace, products and services provided.
3. Explain the business system design. (Business objectives, system functionality, information provided).
4. Explain the current business e-commerce features.
5. Explain the business e-commerce process.
6. Explain the business software
7. Explain the payment and security of the chosen website
8. What is the marketing and advertising strategy?
9. Competitor SWOT analysis
10. Conclusion
11. References

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