The prevalence of project management in today’s society.

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This is the first of two related assignments designed for students to explore a project or project management topic that interests them. The intent of this assignment is to demonstrate the prevalence of project management in today’s society.
For this assignment, students should complete the short template
for this assignment. Remember to include references to earn the full grade. You will receive the instructor’s approval and also comments to help you better focus on the topic. Also, assuming you follow the instructor’s guideline, the full paper due in Module 7 will be accepted without the fear of being rejected. Students basically have three choices of assignment, presented below. As you prepare for the full paper, please read the Effective Business Writing
guide that I created for my classes.
(only included here as a preview).
Note: Your topic CANNOT be the same project as the Team Project.
Research about a historical project that’s completed. Focus on what went well, what went wrong, and if you’re the project manager, what any improvement suggestions.
Research about a current project that’s in progress. Focus on what is happening, what is doing well, what are the criticisms, and if you are in the project manager, what would you do differently.
Research on a contemporary topic in project management. This can be an area of interest (e.g. working with difficult people on projects) or latest development (e.g. working on virtual, agile projects, across three time zones). Write a detailed summary of a research article from one of these publications. The links below are these publications’ official websites. To access the articles here, please go through our library as we should have “free” access to most of them.:
International Journal of Managing Projects in Business:…

International Journal of Project Management:…

The Journal of Modern Project Management:

Project Management Journal:

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