Why a diverse and multicultural workforce would be important in MEXICALI MEXICAN RESTAURANT

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Checklist: Using your responses from the discussion regarding the business you chose and the positions you would be hiring for, address these items.
Evaluate why a diverse and multicultural workforce would be important in a service or product business.
Explain how you might go about hiring a diverse and multicultural workforce and why this would be important based on the reading and learning activities.
Analyze the employment process you will use from the time the applications are received until the time you make a hiring decision. (You need to conceive of at least four steps in the hiring process.) Explain each of these steps, including who will be responsible for each step and why.

Now you have received 10 applicants for each of the two positions that you shared in discussion.
Write four interview questions for each of the two positions you shared in the discussion. Remember to make sure these questions are open-ended and that at least three questions are unique to each job. (Note: Open-ended questions are those that require more than a “yes” or “no” response.)
Include at least one direct reference to the course textbook, the Scott et al. (2011) article, or other viable resource.
Complete all the checklist items using the APA-formatted template located in the Course Resources area. Submit your minimum 400–500-word, double-spaced, APA-formatted and citation styled response (include additional title and reference pages) to the Unit 4 Assignment Dropbox. For additional help with the current APA format, consult the Unit 4 Reading area for the PG Writing Center’s APA citation and reference guides.

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