Frameworks for Offender Management

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D‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍EPARTMENT OF LAW AND CRIMINOLOGY – 2000 word essay Module Title: Frameworks for Offender Management 77 605326 Mode of Assessment: Coursework – policy analysis (weighted 50%) Description: In the context of your organisation, you are asked to undertake a critical evaluation of approaches to risk in the contemporary penal system. Your evaluation should focus on one of the following: o offenders in a disadvantaged or minority group within the penal system o young adult offenders o mentally disordered offenders o safeguarding children o offending related to the misuse of alcohol or drugs o long-term or indeterminate sentence prisoners In your assignment you should consider: o organisational change and what has influenced policy in your chosen area in relation to risk and rehabilitation o the actual or potential impact upon offenders o how the policies you are looking at have been implemented and the extent to which they have acted as intended o the extent to which professional judgment influences risk assessment practice and a consideration of the associated freedoms and challenges o the way risk assessment practice facilitates and potentially frustrates your interactions with other agencies. When developing a critical and analytical approach to a subject, you are expected to comment in an informed way, using relevant academic knowledge and understanding to explain and evaluate law and policy in practice. Although this is not a reflective piece, you are expected to comment on the challenges that you have met in practice and the practices of your agency, where appropriate. Please remember that this is not a substantive section of your work, we want to see your critical analysis of the subject chosen, however your own experiences may add to the discourse. You may use the first person in these sections of the assignment. You will be provided with guidance in writing via the module Black Board site and from tutors as part of the module teaching. Format: Word document or pdf 2000 words (your work will be marked up to this word limit only). Submission Arrangements for Coursework: Information about the assessment and how to submit this work will be found on the module Blackboard site behind the assessment tab. In the assessment tab you will find: • the assessment paper; • an assessment guidance document; • the feedback and marking information; • the assessment submission point. When you submit via the link on Blackboard you must include the following integrity statement: “By submitting this work, I certify that it is my own work and that the work of other people is duly referenced and acknowledged in accordance with the University’s Academic Misconduct Policy.” This statement should be included somewhere in your assessment. When finalising your assessment you should make sure that it is in an approved file format (additional guidance is available on Blackboard), that it is not password protected and that you have followed the guidance on format and style. It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is successfully submitted. Always check your email receipt and the submission point again following each submission. The module team are not responsible for checking this for you. If you think you have uploaded your assessment and have not received an email confirmation you should contact Student Services on ext 2543. If you are a student with a learning contract you should mark your assessment with the following statement: “Please mark this work for content and understanding and do not penalise surface errors in standard written English (inaccurate spelling, punctuation, grammar and word order). Contact Disabled Student Support on ext 3964 for further advice if required.” This statement should be included at the start of your assessment. Mode of Feedback: Online rubric and feedforward paragraph of between 150 and 200 words. Extensions and Extenuating Circumstances If you have difficulties in completing this assessment then you should contact Lucy Mills on @ or telephone: 0114 225 5600. Further Support Please contact the Module Lea‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍der by email at @ Alternatively, you can contact Hallam Help on 0114 225 2222 or via email at hallamhelp@ Assessment criteria and threshold pass standards: LO Ref Learning Outcome What we are looking for in relation to this LO – this is the basis of our judgements Pass threshold – what you need to do to get through 1 Understand and critically analyse probation related law and policy and reflect on their application in practice Analysis of areas of practice and how they are informed by law and policy. Awareness of your role and accountability as a practitioner and the ethical basis of your work. Accurate reference to the detail of law and guidance documents relevant to the practice concerns or issues that are the focus of your assignment. Appropriate use of academic work pertinent to your chosen areas of practice to develop your critique. Accurately describe areas of practice and the law and policy that relates. Give an account of your role and key responsibilities as practitioner, including responsibilities towards the offenders under supervision Identify areas of practice and the ethical and human rights concerns that might arise. 2 Critically evaluate the implementation of law and policy and the potential for differential impact on different social groups Examination of the implementation of policy and ability to evaluate the extent to which it has worked as intended. Assessment of how particular laws and policies, translated into practice, impact on offenders, using evidence from academic work and research or perspectives from practice experience. Awareness of the diversity of offenders and the different ways that policies and practices might impact differently according to age, gender, ethnicity and so on. Discuss areas of policy and how they work in practice, highlighting benefits and problems as they have been implemented. Explore how a particular policy or practices have impacted on at least one marginal group of offenders. Present accurate detail about the implementation of chosen legal provision or policy. 3 Explore and analyse the values and ideas that underpin key legal provisions and policy frameworks relating to probation practice Exploration of areas of law, policy or practice with reference to the factors that influenced their development (for example, social, political and economic contexts or impetus from the academic or cultural spheres) Ability to make judgements about the different influences and their relative significance, citing supporting detail Quality of argument and presentation of ideas and concepts. Identify the main social, political and other influences on chosen areas of policy. Discuss the broad thinking and values informing chosen areas or themes in policy and practice. Present views and perspectives clearly, comparing and contrasting key features. 4 Explore different value bases for work with offenders, particularly in relation to social justice and human rights. Evaluation of the benefits and limitations of different approaches to practice in terms of efficacy, ethicality, human rights and questions of agency and self-determination. Exploration of approaches that fit with your own personal value base and how you may draw on these to form the basis of your developing values as a professional. Identify different approaches to probation work and supervisory relationships and discuss their benefits and limitations. Identify approaches that fit with your own personal value base and may form the basis of your developing values as a professional. UNIVERSITY MODULE HOMEPAGE LINK: LINK FOR LEARNING MATERIALS BELOW: SHARING LINK GROUP RESOURCES PADLET: STATISTICS AT MINISTRY OF JUSTICE LINK (MOJ) – (May be of help)

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