The role of communication in the cultural adaptation process

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In this course you have learned many strategies to adapting to new situations, cultures, and dialogues in the professions. But as you have seen, these changes are systemic and not always easy. Oftentimes, they require us to not only shift our communication methods but our mindsets as well. This is the challenge of adaptation. Our textbook defines cultural adaptation as “the long-term process of adjusting to and finally feeling comfortable in a new environment” (317).
For the last graded assignment of the course, you will reflect on your own cultural adaptation process. As part of your response, consider the following.

Summarize the strengths and weaknesses from your Week 2 Cultural Intelligence Self-Assessment. What do you think has changed? What skills do you still want to improve?
Consider the role of communication in the cultural adaptation process. What are three strategies that you have learned in this course that will help you develop your intercultural communication skills? How will you utilize these skills in your profession?

Reflect on leadership. How will intercultural communication skills help make you a stronger leader in the workplace? In your community?
Successful assignments will be the following.
Be one to two pages in length.
Be in APA format.
Include a structured response with an introduction, body, conclusion.
Have a clear and focused thesis.
Provide specific examples to support claims.

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