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Write a short reaction paper (500 words) dealing with the assigned readings for a particular week. In each of these papers you should provide a brief critical response to some significant issue encountered in the assigned readings for a particular week. You are not being asked to summarize the argument of individual readings, although your discussion should reveal that you have understood what this argument is. Instead you should reach to the reading(s) as a critical observer with a specific frame of reference (derived from the course, from your reading elsewhere, and/or your experience). You need to foucs on somethign that cuts across two or more articles or chapters. Pick one major issue from the readings that grabs your attention and briefly develop it. You will be evaluated on the basis of the thoughtfulness, depth of understanding and analytical insight that is reflected in your paper.
Topic: De Jure/De Facto School Segregation/ Ableism in Education
I’m sure I only need 500 words.

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