Summary of “Broadening the Notion of Participation in Online Discussions: Examining Patterns in Learners’ Online Listening Behaviors.”

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Assessment Description Write a 250-500 word summary of “Broadening the Notion of Participation in Online Discussions: Examining Patterns in Learners’ Online Listening Behaviors.” Include a discussion of the research problem, questions, methods, findings, and implications discussed by the authors. Refer to the guidelines for writing an effective summary presented in Lecture 2. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
NOTE: Pay special attention to writing about the research problem, the research questions, the research methods, the research findings, and the implications discussed by the authors.
DO – Analyze the article by separating the structure into four sections:
1) Purpose of the study (including “hook statement,” research questions, and purpose statement)
a. Why was this research study conducted (what was the problem)?
b. What was the rationale for this study (what were the research questions)?
c. What previous research lead up to this specific study?
2) Research Methodology (Research Questions, and Research Methods)
a. How was this research study conducted?
b. Were the methods reliable and valid?
c. Did the methods appropriately test the authors’ hypothesis?
d. Use terms such as mixed, qualitative, and quantitative
3) The Findings (Research Findings)
a. What were the results of the study?
b. What conclusions did the authors make from conducting the study?
c. What are the keys to success in online education?
4) Application and/or Suggestion Research Section
a. What can a new graduate student learn from this article?
b. What future applications are there for the findings from this study?
c. What future research should be done to further our knowledge and understanding of the concept examined in this study?
DON’T – Do NOT copy and paste any material directly from the article into your essay. Don’t even copy and paste material and then try to change a few words here and there. LopesWrite will catch this.
DON’T – Do NOT use any long quotes in this article summary, and limit your essay to only one direct quote from the article. When I was in second grade we had a mutt named Heidi Hushpuppy. He was really cute, but not very smart. The point of the article summary essay is for YOU to summarize the material in your own words, and to paraphrase the information.
DON’T – Do NOT use first-person or second-person language in your writing.
WRONG: I think that the authors created a valid study…
CORRECT: The authors created a valid study…
DON’T – Do NOT get off track by making any personal comments or reflections about online education in general, or GCU classes in general. Stick to summarizing the material in the article
DON’T – Do NOT cite any of the references or citations made in the article itself. You have not read these other articles, so do not cite them, and do not quote them directly.
DON’T – Do NOT title your essay “Broadening the Notion of Participation” since that is the title of the published article that you are supposed to read. Instead, you should create a simple title like “The Importance of Online Presence” or some other title that sparks interest in the reader. Be creative and have fun! Bonus points if you make me laugh…
If you have any questions please email me so that I can help.

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