This assignment should be in essay form. Single =spaced. At least 5 pages f

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This assignment should be in essay form. Single =spaced. At least 5 pages for the whole assignment
There are 3 parts to be submitted for this assignment. Answer all the 3 parts
1. Autobiography: Reflect on your own experiences and beliefs with regard to education (at least 2 pages).
Think about your family background
Who is the person in your family who has had the most impact on your life?
How would you describe your major values?
How have your values been formed?
Think about your K-12 learning experiences
Under what conditions do you learn the best?
What are your strengths and areas of need as a student?
Describe some of your successful learning experiences. What do you think are the reasons for your success?
Describe frustrations related to learning. What are some of our challenges? What would you do if you experienced frustration?
What feelings or emotions would you connect with education?
Think about your experience as a teacher/tutor or your reasons for becoming a teacher
Why do you want to become a teacher?
What kind of teacher do you want to be?
What are your major beliefs regarding teaching?
2. Biography: Select a student that you know, whose cultural background is different from yourself (at least 2 pages single-spaced).
-Make sure you describe the student’s family background, community he/she lives in, key life events in his/her previous experiences, and his/her attitude toward language learning. Study the person and write a biography on him or her. Add as much detailed information as you can from listening, watching, and observing the person. Include important information such as: memories of friends, family, school, fun, religion, good times, difficult times from baby days to the “present”.
-Identify the sources of your information
Family background
Family history
Parental educational background
Parents/ cultural experiences
Living community
School community
Previous experiences
Cultural experiences
School experiences
Potential sources for information
Parent interview
School interview
Student interview
Classroom observation
Assignment analysis
3. Cross-Cultural Comparison (at least 1 page single spaced).
Compare the aspects of the student/s biography with your own experiences.
Discuss any similarities and/or differences you find
Discuss the intersection or role(s) of gender, language, and inter-group relations in the comparison of yourself and the “student” you chose.

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