Annals of Biomedical Engineering

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Find an original research article (not a review article)
from Annals of Biomedical Engineering,
(ill provide the article) on a topic regarding a transport phenomenon that you understand. Also, you should not review the
same article as someone else. Write a short review of this article (2 single-spaced pages), including:
1) Summary (what is the significance of the work, what did they do, what was the outcome, why
is this related to the Transport class)
2) What equations did they use, what assumptions did they make, and how did they simplify the
3) What were the results of the study
4) Personal Critique: Discuss if their experimental system is appropriate (are there obvious ways
to improve?) and how well you feel they modeled the target system. This section could also include
what you learned from the article in relation to what we have done in class. It can be in first person
and should go beyond what is noted in the paper to receive full credit.
When you use an equation, be sure to define it. Include a copy of the original article when you turn
in your assignment. Your writing assignment should be submitted on Brightspace, as a pdf, and
must also include the pdf of the article you reviewed. Do not submit .docx as equations do not
translate correctly between PC and Mac. For your reference, I will upload a sample from a previous
ill provide the article! but you can choose from the two!!

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