Global Health Corporations. Thesis “Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the weakness in world organizations corporation in promoting global health”

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Dear Writer!
With this assignment, i had to make 2 orders because i had one writer do my blog outline then i had to make a second order for another writer to do the blog rough draft. This assignment will be the final rough draft! I will send you the blog outline and the rough draft from the previous writers so that you know what you’re dealing with. I will also send you multiple files to know what my professor wants. One will be the rubic, then the outline itself, and the rough draft. This assignment also does need computer work. Please do the best to your ability to make this final draft a one to remember. The topic is, “Global Health Corporations” thesis is, “Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the weakness in world organizations corporation in promoting global health”. Now i will send you the rubic, and the blog examples. Keep in mind that this blog has to be an actual blog and has to be in chronological order! I will send you examples of blogs my professor provided us on canvas. I will also provide the 3 free websites she provided us to use for the blog. The previous writer who wrote my rough draft used, “Wix”.
Blog Examples:
Bio and Selfie
Does the blogger have a short bio of at least 4 sentences? Is there a clear photo of the blogger’s face? Based on the bio, is the blogger credible to write on the chosen topic(s)? Is the bio engaging, fun or formal or informal?
Thesis Statement
Did the writer introduced the main topic to the reader in the first paragraph? Has the writer presented a clear stance (informed, persuaded, told a story) about the topic? Did the writer make specific claims about the topic?
Content Engagement
Did the blog post provide comprehensive insight, understanding, and reflective thought about the topic by building focused argument around a specific issue or asking a new related question or making an oppositional statement supported by personal experience or related research? Did it leave a lasting impression on the reader?
Style (Voice)
Is the blog post written in a style that is appealing and appropriate for the intended audience and a consistent voice is evident throughout?
Design (Text Layout and Use of Visuals/Multimedia)
Did the writer select and insert high quality graphics and multimedia when appropriate to enhance the content’s visual appeal and increase readability?
Did the writer meet the minimum of 2 hyperlinks and 2 sources? Are all the images, media, and text created by others display accurate citations and copyright permissions if needed?
Mechanics and Length
Is the blog post free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors? Is the style of writing facilitates communication? Did the writer meet the minimum of 1000 words?
Also, yes this has to have a work cited page. In another words, an abstract page.
If you have any questions please message me ASAP! I need this to look good! I will also give you a selfie for the first paragraph. You can also see in the files about the information about myself. That way, i don’t have to keep on sending it to you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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