The Assignment: Academic Argument–MONSTERS

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The Assignment: Academic Argument–MONSTERS
Essays which do not fulfill the requirements of the assignment will not earn passing grades.
Essays do not fulfill the requirements of the assignment if they:
Are incorrectly formatted,
Are short of the minimum word count
Are not on one of the
Do not include the required outside sources
Do not use supporting examples and at least make an attempt at citing them correctly
Contains more than 1 1/2 pages of directly quoted material.
Contains more than 2 block quotes.
Do not include Work Cited Page
Your assignment—
Even though we consider ourselves more intelligent than our ancient ancestors, monsters seem to be everywhere–in our entertainment, in our most “popular” news stories, even in our daily lives. Why do a seemingly enlightened people seem to still need monsters so much? (Why do we have monsters and what do our monsters say about us?)
You will write a formal, researched, academic argument paper with:
minimum of 5 pages, and a minimum of 1500 words for the final draft.
formal writing (no contractions, no first or second person, avoid clichés)
a focused and deliberate structure.
no inflammatory speech. (If you get your audience angry at you, how can you convince them you are right?)
Work Cited page which does not count towards pagination.
and research–
Your research should:
a minimum of 3 sources and a maximum of 6 sources, which you will use in your paper as either quotes paraphrases or summaries and cite correctly. These sources should be completely irreproachable in ethos and scholarship. (See lecture on using sources for more information regarding scrutinizing sources).
No more than four of these sources can come from our reader.
A minimum of one source must come from outside of our reader
be “quality” sources with strong ethos–respectable, authoritative, etc.
Not be from dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikipedia, or other sources of the sort. If a word, term, or idea needs to be defined, get an expert, or argue for your interpretation of what it means.
be varied–Don’t just pick the first 5 sources Google gives you.
include at least one source from respected academic databases (and no, as much as I appreciate Google Scholar, it doesn’t count.)

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