Write an Op Ed

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In Essay 5, you will write an Op Ed, with the purpose of answering your chosen research question. You will rely on ideas found in your Issues and Controversies resource for supporting evidence, and build the essay using the same tools we have used to build Essays 3 and 4.
Directions for the Early Draft of Essay 5:
For the early draft submit at least 1000 words and include:
1. your opinion/ stance (your answer to the research question you chose Week 1)
2. paragraphs organized around reasons that support your stance
3. Researched evidence (using only Issues and Controversies database) that supports your reasons
4. Evidence packaged with context, evidence, explanation, intext citation and an coordinating entry on the Works Cited page.
5. A works cited page
6. Evidence that MLA style for the document and the researched ideas is being followed

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