Contributions of American Business to Retirement Planning

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Topic examples: (These topics can be taken from newspaper, magazines, journal articles): WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) SSI (Supplemental Security Incomes) Unemployment Insurance Compensation, Workers’ Compensation, Contributions of American Business to Retirement Planning, Public Assistance Programs, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Medicare and Medicaid, Food and Shelter Programs, Public Housing and Section 8 Housing Assistance, Current Shelter Issues: the Homeless, Publicly-Funded Programs in American Social Welfare, Other Voluntary Services in the Nonprofit Sector. Paper should discuss the chosen social welfare topic. This paper should be well thought out and should thoroughly explore how social workers should handle an issue such as that within their social work practice. 1. Choose a social welfare topic to explore/ research further. 2. Review Rubric to serve as a guide while completing assignment. Be sure to include all that is required per rubric. 3. Find a minimum of 3 supporting articles on the topic you have chosen to explore/research. Papers should include at least three (3) reputable sources of information and should be properly referenced within the paper. 4. All papers are expected to be in APA style. Your paper should be clearly typed, double spaced, 12 fonts, and should include correct spellings and grammar. Cover sheet should include course title, student’s name, and date. This paper is expected to be 5 pages top to bottom, not including cover sheet or reference page. Therefore, your submitted paper should be a total of 7 pages total (cover page, 5 pages pertaining the topic, and reference page). 5. In summary of this paper please discuss how social welfare relates to social work. As you reflect and research your chosen social welfare topic, how does a social worker ensure that people have access to such programs?

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