Disobeying One’s Superiors in King Lear

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For each week’s Discussion Forum, write a response to the provided question on the first thread as well as your own question on the week’s reading in a new thread by Thursday evening. Then, post two (2) comments to your classmate’s threads by Sunday night of that week. Your response to the initial discussion question must be between 100-150 words (not including the required quotations from the text) and at least 50 words for your own question. Your 2 replies must be at least 100 words each (not including the required quotations or citations from the text).
Topic: Disobeying One’s Superiors in King Lear
Initial Discussion Question:
In King Lear, several characters explicitly or implicitly disobey their superiors, starting with Cordelia refusing to make a speech about how much she loves her father, as her father requested (Act 1, Scene 1).
According to the play, is it right or wrong to disobey one’s superiors? (In the play, a “superior” could be a king, a higher-ranking nobleman, a master, a parent, or a commanding officer.)
Explain your position, and to support your answer, quote or refer to at least one specific example of a character disobeying a superior, and cite the act, scene, and line numbers.

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