Brainstorm and submit three potential proposals for a project that you will eventually develop into a magazine and present to Hayward city staff and council

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For this assignment, you are asked to brainstorm and submit three potential proposals for a project that you will eventually develop into a magazine and present to Hayward city staff and council.
Follow the steps in the “Brainstorming a Project” section of this assignment. Come up with ideas that you would enjoy doing and that you could execute. Don’t propose easy solutions like planting trees or adding solar panels. As important and necessary as those solutions are, there’s nothing innovative or exciting about them.
Once you have three potential ideas, write a 200 word synopsis for each project. Your synopsis must include:
An overview of what your project is
An explanation of how it solves a local environmental issue
A description on how it will increase community cohesion (i.e., how it will bring community members together)
A brief summary of what makes your project innovative
Write a synopsis for all three of your ideas and submit them to this assignment page
I will provide feedback on your projects and approve one of them to be developed into a longer proposal. It’s possible that I might reject all three of your ideas. If that happens, we’ll need to do some more brainstorming to develop a new project.
Brainstorming a Project
Coming up with a project to solve any environmental issue can be extremely challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be. For starters, we know all the solutions to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis, and we have 90% of the technology to enact those solutions. We know we need to transform our energy, transportation, and food systems (to name a few), and we know how to transform them. It’s now a matter of putting the political will behind the solutions. Our projects may not entirely transform any of these systems. However, we will be proposing projects that could support these transitions. We will be developing small scale projects to address the local environmental issues in Hayward and to increase community cohesion.
The good news is that you already have the knowledge, skills, and passion to propose and enact a solution. We’re going to go through a series of steps to help us brainstorm our project.
Identify your passions, skills, and interests. Create a list of all the things you love to do, that you’re good, and that you care about. It might be photography, soccer, hiking, playing board games, music, cooking, spending time with friends or your pets, etc. List everything you enjoy doing.
Identify the concerns the concerns and opportunities (by opportunities I mean how people responded to interview question #12 about what they need to be more climate active). Create a list of all the concerns and needs that the community described during their interviews.
concerns and opportunities identified by Hayward community members:
Air pollution and air quality
Increase temperature (i.e., increased heat)
Sea level rise
Loss of biodiversity and species extinction
Concern over other people not being concerned
More awareness/education about how to be more climate conscious/active
See other people being climate-friendly to inspire others
More opportunities/events/organizations to get involved
More incentives to switch to climate-friendly options (like solar panels, electric vehicles, etc.)
Water conservation
Match your passions and skills to the concerns and opportunities. Ask yourself how can you incorporate the community’s concerns or opportunities into your own interests. Here are some examples
Perhaps one of your passions is photography. In response to interview question #3, many community members said they were concerned about species going extinct. Perhaps your project proposal could be to organize a photography expedition where you and Hayward community members photograph threatened species in Hayward (and yes, there are many threatened species).
OR perhaps you’re passionate about cooking. Maybe you could propose a project where you teach kids how to cook environmentally friendly recipes.
OR perhaps you’re passionate about skateboarding and you noticed that many Hayward residents are concerned about the amount of waste in the community. You could develop a proposal for turning plastic bottle caps into skateboards (and yes, that is being done as we speak)
OR maybe you’re passionate about landscape architecture. You could design a small green space in a neighborhood that doesn’t have access to green spaces.
OR maybe you care a lot about politics. You could propose a new measure/law to be included in Hayward’s Climate Action Plan, Environmental Justice Element, or Hazards Element.
You could educate people on things in people’s homes that are affecting the air they breathe and their health in a fun and interactive way
A few other things to remind yourself of while you’re brainstorming. These are the goals in Hayward’s Climate Action Plan, Environmental Justice Element, and Hazards Element. Consider how your project proposal might align with these goals (this will be a mini essay question, so start thinking about it now!!):
Reduce GHG emissions from
Building Energy
Increase Carbon Sequestration (removing GHGs from the atmosphere)
Promote a Culture Shift where community members are more environmentally conscious
Reduce pollution exposure
Promote access to public facilities
Promote access to healthy food
Promote safe and sanitary homes
Promote physical activity
Promote civic engagement
Increase awareness and education
Reduce hazards related to:
Sea level rise

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