Discuss Habitat chance, Anthropocene

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Consider the knowledge you already possess and the knowledge you are gaining about conversation biology as you respond to this week’s reflective and vocabulary prompts.
Respond to the following reflective and vocabulary prompts in a minimum of 175 words total for both sections.
Think back to your previous experiences and prior knowledge with respect to threats to species and ecosystems.
What do you know about threats to species?
What has been your experience with threats to species?
How do you think the experiences you have described so far have impacted your knowledge and perceptions about threats to species?
How do you think learning about threats to species will impact your future career in environmental science?
As you think back to Weeks 1, 2, and 3 of this course, how might your knowledge about ecosystem function be related to threats to species? Use specific examples.
This week, consider the following 2 vocabulary terms:
Habitat chance
Discuss the following questions related to the 2 vocabulary terms:
How do people use these terms?
What do these terms mean in everyday language to everyday people (i.e., people outside of the environmental science field)? Use examples to help describe your thou

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