Please this very important essay it weight 300 points follow the ins

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Please this very important essay it weight 300 points
< follow the instructions and rubrics I will attach . < < Instructions < < What to write: Instruction guide attached separately. < Format and Submission < < Write the essay using APSA style Research Paper format. < Include a Heading with Name, Date, and Title of Assignment. < Include page numbers according to APSA formatting guidelines. < Include citations in APSA format, reference list at the end. < For guidance on the APSA Style, see: < APSA (American Political Science Association) Citation Guide: Home < APSA Style Guide for Citations and References < No more than 20% of the text of the essay should consist of quotes. < Use 12-point Mongolian Baiti font with 1-inch margins on all sides. < Submit/upload your assignment as a separate MS Word document in the assignments area. Other word processing programs may not be compatible with my software. Do not type your essay into assignment area. < Read < < Chapter 9 in Merrett, Stephen. 2014. Introduction to the Economics of Water Resources: An International Perspective. New York: Routledge. < Chapter 9: “Political Economy and Water Resource Policy” < *Mollinga, P.P. 2019. Cultural Political Economy and critical water studies: An introduction to the special themed section. Water Alternatives 12(3): 788-801 < *Mollinga, P. P. 2008. Water, politics and development: Framing a political sociology of water resources management. Water Alternatives 1(1): 7?23 < * Available from www.water? < View < < A Global Water Story < Are Future Water Wars Inevitable? (Doha Debates) < < < The module and the course concludes with a final essay that will help synthesize the course material into a whole. As Merrett concluded, understanding water resources requires the skills and knowledge of many including among others, hydrologists, engineers, economists, environmentalists, social scientists, and lawyers. < < < ntroduction < < Module 8 will attempt to weave the concepts of the past modules into a cohesive whole. In this unit, we will discuss various forms of sustainability: developmental, environmental, and a sustainable society. Merrett gives a final argument for the paradigm of evolutionary political economy and discusses the policy recommendations made throughout his text. < Objectives < < By the end of this module, students will be able to: < Contrast evolutionary political economy with Marxian economics and neoclassical economics. < Apply a policy perspective and analyze management tools best suited for a project.

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