Select an existing Saudi medium or large (manufacturing or service) company willing to go international

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Executive summary (Maximum one page; Briefly describe the 1. The purpose of the report-why
you are doing this project? 2. Method- how did you do it? 3. Result- what was findings 4.
Conclusion & recommendation)
1. Company’s background (Introduce your selected Saudi company: a brief history, mission,
vision, corporate goals).
2. Drivers of establishing an international business (What specific reason forces your firm
to go international apart from profitability and profit growth. Explain the drivers for going
3. Alternative foreign countries (Provide a brief introduction to each potential country in
one medium-sized paragraph.)
4. Assessment of Alternative Foreign Countries [For each country, provide PESTLE
Analysis (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, legal and natural Environmental)
and other relevant factors such as demand of your product, transportation cost, trade
barriers, level of competition, first mover advantage and any other factors as discussed in
the course]
5. Comparison of alternative foreign countries (Provide a comparison between the potential
foreign countries based on PESTLE analysis outcomes and other relevant factors; the
comparison can be presented in tabular form. If you choose paragraph).
6. Final foreign country selection (Summarize, finally chosen country and justify your choice
based on the comparison provided in the previous section.)
7. Assessment of alternative market entry strategies (In the context of your company, explain
each possible entry mode such as exporting, licensing, joint venture, wholly owned
subsidiary-greenfield or acquisition etc.)
8. Final market entry strategy selection (Explain what entry mode is best for your company.
Justify your selected entry mode).
9. International Expansion of (____ company name) and Saudi Vision 2030
In one short paragraph briefly introduce Saudi Vision 2030 and then explain how this
international expansion project of your selected company is linked to or aligned with Saudi
Vision (maximum one page).
10. Conclusion (Briefly summarize the results of your assessment sections 5-9. Briefly
describe the finding and provide recommendations to the company based on your analysis)
11. References (Harvard Referencing method should be used for citations.
You work as Business Development Executives (a group of 4-6 members) in a Saudi Company.
Your company is willing to enter an international market. As experts, you have been asked to
prepare an official report suggesting the best country to enter with the best entry strategy/mode.
Select an existing Saudi medium or large (manufacturing or service) company willing to go
international by entering one of the countries. The group is required to perform following three
essential steps in the project report:
1. Evaluate potential countries (4 to 6 countries of your choice) to select one best market for
2. Select the best strategy to enter the selected market.
3. Link the project to Saudi Vision 2030.
Being university student a high standard of written English is expected. Your project report should
be clear, concise, neatly presented, and easy to read. Failure to comply with these requirements
may result in loss of marks. Your project must be creative pieces of work written by you (group)
and not submitted for assessment purposes for any program of study at this, or any other,
1. The written report should not be less than 3500 words and more than 5500 words (Including title
page, table of content, references, and any appendices).
2. Late submission will lead to the deduction of 20% marks per day.
3. Writing Guidelines: Paper size: A4, Line spacing: 1.15, Margins: 1” (inch) all sides,
Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 for text, 14 for headings and 13 for subheadings.
4. The project should have a nice title page containing all the required information such as
the title of the project, university logo, course name, names and IDs of all the group
members and section number.
I want Plagiarism between 5% to 10% or less, please, please, please-

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