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Each student will select ONE (1) religious group for further study from the following list: Islam(is the assignment ) For your initial post to the discussion forum, post the religion that you’ve chosen to explore. Chose a religion that you are not familiar with to explore. Next, using the following Q&A format, answer these questions about your chosen religion: Health (Why am I sick? Beliefs/myths about causes, etc.) Healthcare providers (Who do they trust more: Doctors, nurses, NPs, healers, shaman, etc.?) Healthcare (Western medicine, alternative, procedures they won’t allow such as blood transfusions, etc.) Health-seeking behaviors (Do they not believe in going to the doctor? Do they wait until the last minute to seek help?) Rituals/Rites surrounding birth, illness, death? Foods – any forbidden? Any required? Certain preparation? Etc. Body language – To touch or not to touch? Eye contact or no? Etc. Religion – What accommodations necessary? Pastoral services, chapel, prayer room, etc. Review and respond to at least 3 of your peers’ posts.

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