Description of Pressure Ulcer Stages

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In nursing you will encounter multiple types of wounds and wound care products. It is important that you basic understanding of wound care and be able to identify the types of wounds, especially the pressure ulcer stages. The type of wound a patient has will determine the type of treatment needed. For this presentation you will explore the types of pressure ulcer stages( not including stage 1) to explain the types of nursing interventions needed and the wound care products appropriate for the type of wounds you choose. This could be in the form of a PowerPoint. Please remember to site your sources and provide a reference page at the end of the PowerPoint presentation.

Also include in your referencing a nursing research journal supporting the evidence for the treatments selected and a concept map.PowerPoint content:1- Description of Pressure Ulcer Stages ( at least one slide for each stage of pressure ulcer)
2- Nursing Interventions (List 4 interventions for each pressure ulcer stage)
3- wound products (Explanation of each product discussed)
4- Articles information supporting the treatment ( must be within 5years)
5- Reference slide
6- Concept Map ( just for one type of pressure ulcer)

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