Developing a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Dashboard

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FINAL PROJECT – Developing a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Dashboard
Due Monday by 11:59pm
Points 200
Submitting an external tool
Your final assignment in this course is to create an RCM Dashboard.
(For reference, dashboards were discussed in chapters 12 and 13.)
Read the scenario below and follow the directions.
As a leader and manager, the health information administrator is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of processes. This responsibility requires the manager to determine which key performance indicators to include in the monitoring and evaluation process.
You are the HIM director at Memorial Hospital. You are a member of the revenue cycle and are charged with monitoring and evaluating key HIM RC processes that impact the stability and health of the facility’s revenue cycle.
Using HFMA’s MAP Keys for Hospitals and Health Systems, design a dashboard with four metrics that can be used to monitor and evaluate HIM RC processes. MAP Keys are located at (Links to an external site.) (you will need to signup for a free HFMA account). Choose at least three indicators to include in your dashboard. Your final product should include a description and rationale for each indicator chosen for your dashboard, a mock-up of your dashboard (using fake data), and a plan of action for indicators when they do not meet the expected threshold.

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