PALESTINE: Compare and contrast local political structures with state-centered structures

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In this assignment, you will gather information on a country of your choosing (from the list below) to assess the status of political culture, internet freedom, and media access of citizens.
The most relevant Course Objectives are:
• CO2: Compare and contrast local political structures with state-centered structures.
• CO4: Analyze the relationship between states and societies in the MENA.
The assignment will consist of two parts, (1) a chart to collect and capture key information, followed by (2) a paragraph containing a statement of key findings and insights. There are many types of websites and sources that are reputable for this assignment, so be sure to vet your websites and avoid sites like Wikipedia to make your report stand out as authoritative.

Examples of sources to help with the chart:
• CIA World Factbook:
• Arabic Media: (Click on the country to see papers; you may have to explore to see if there is an English option)
• Freedom House Country scores:
• Press Freedom Index:
• Freedom on the Net:
• Laws and Legal Systems:
• Press Reference:
Please fill out the following chart on your country (download the attachment to save time). You can use the above links to conduct research, but also use the online library.
Pick one of these MENA countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.
Your Selected Country: PALESTINE

*Book has been uploaded* Our reading by Peterson (2015) Chapter 25 “New Media and Electronic Networks” asks questions about new media landscapes in the Middle East. After reading Peterson’s chapter, provide a paragraph on the media landscape in your selected country. The objective is to evaluate the role of media in shaping the relationship between citizens and the state.
Some questions to consider: What kind of social media are prevalent? Are there news media sources independent of the state? Are there “internet blackouts” or censorship practices? Have citizens used social media for organizing and taking up demonstrations or uprisings? Did Petersen’s discussion ring true for your case, in the case that you picked a different example than his? If you picked one of the examples Peterson discussed, what updates would you add since 2015?

Provide at least two new sources to support your paragraph.
Provide a reference for each source in Chicago style:
To find sources, you can use the online library:
• Main “Everything search:” Use the filters on the left navigation bar to adjust the date of publication. I recommend targeting 2015-2021 only.
• Middle East Studies research guide:
• Country media round-ups: (look by country by clicking the upper left scrollbar “pages).
• Books:
Please write with any questions or ideas!

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