Declaration Of Independence

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Declaration Of Independence
First, describe your topic. Who, what, when, where, why, etc. That should be your introduction.
The discussion should have narrowed it down to a specific topic.
The main body of your text should explain to us how it’s significant and if it influenced the United States of today. Why does it matter?
This is due on November 9 .
The paper must have standard margins and be double-spaced. I suggest using size 12 Times New Roman or Cambria font.
Outside sources need to be in a bibliography so I know what you’re citing. Use Chicago/Turabian formatting. (Links to an external site.)
It also needs to be at least 2-3 pages.
Makes a cohesive introduction and thesis statement outlining what you will write about – 5 points
Main body of the paper tackles each point in order and reinforces thesis statement – 5 points
Uses assigned readings, lecture material, and more than one external source with proper citations – 5 points
Concludes by recapping the main points – 2 points
Uses appropriate grammar, formatting, and spelling – 3 points
Avoid contractions (couldn’t, could’ve, etc.). Just write the full two words. Contractions make your paper look sloppy.
Avoid first-person (us, you, etc.). Again, it just looks unprofessional.
Do not use slang except in a quotation. History papers need to have formal language.
Try not to use long quotations in your paper. I want to know what YOU think in your own words because I know you will have good ideas.
Wikipedia is not a valid source. It’s good for looking up other references, but don’t use it as a source.
You must use complete sentences.
Before submitting your paper, read it out loud. By doing so, you can detect errors in your writing.
Make sure to use a grammar checker.

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