Discuss the difference between secondary and primary during the semester

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For this assignment, you are required to locate two secondary sources (We will discuss the difference between secondary and primary during the semester). One of the two sources must be a book published by a university press. University press books are peer reviewed so you can feel confident in their credibility. The other source could be another university published book or it could be an article from an academic journal. Although you can use one website in your paper, you cannot use a website for this assignment—we will discuss this in more detail. You can find articles from academic journals in the Auraria library’s database. You will then read the books and/or article, or at least the sections that involve your primary focus, paying close attention to the introduction and the conclusion. You will uncover the author’s thesis statement and the types of primary sources he/she used to prove their argument. You will then write a two-page analysis of these two books and/or article. This analysis must be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins. i will share with you a sample after you are assigned In your analysis, you must include the following information: -Name, date, and class -At least two guiding questions (We will discuss this in detail) –Your topic by using the following formula: “I am working on the topic of X, because I want to find out Y, so I can help the reader understand Z.” Example: I am working on the topic of the Civil War (X), because I want to find out what role African Americans played during this period (Y), so I can help my reader understand that African Americans were not simply passive bystanders (Z). -Two paragraphs, one for each source, properly cited using Chicago Manual of Style -Each paragraph must answer the following questions: -Who is the author and what credentials does he/she have? -What is the thesis the author is attempting to prove? -What type of primary sources does he/she use to prove the argument? Can you access these sources? -Do you feel confident in the argument they are making? Does it seem to be a credible and believable argument? Lastly, how are these two arguments different or similar? Is one more believable than the other and if so, why? Failure to provide all the above information will result in a lower grade.

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