Explain how committees evolved into proto-governments

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Below are the main questions to answer from the book. Attached will be a rubric. Chapter One: Who were the “Insurgents” referred to by the author in the title? Chapter Two: Did all members of Parliament support the Coercive Acts? Chapter Three: After they received the Coercive Acts, did the colonists continue to believe that they were “Englishmen with the rights of Englishmen”? Chapter Four: What role did newspapers play in maintaining the American insurgency? Chapter Five: How did rumors that Boston was being bombarded expand colonial resistance to the British presence? Chapter Six: Explain the role played by local “committees” in popular support for revolution. Chapter Seven: The committees are described as “schools of revolution.” What did the committees do to earn such a title? Chapter Eight: Explain how committees evolved into proto-governments. Chapter Nine: Did most people believe that rights came from God? Chapter Ten: How did British officials in the colonies react to the uprising as it happened?

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