What are the most common “symptoms” of civilization and how do they evolve

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As per the instructions in the rubric, you must post a response to the discussion by Thursday. You must use the required readings – your textbook (or for this discussion, if you do not yet have one of the textbook options, you may use Chapters 2 and 3 from Berger, et al., World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500, which is linked in the Context Page for Week 2, AS WELL AS
the readings from Hurari (Part 2 – The Agricultural Revolution – chapters 5 – 8) AND the multimedia component that you yourself find. This can be a video, or an academic essay or article about this period, or a podcast, or an image from the time period – anything that you can use to support your discussion post and that helps you understand this period better.
You MUST CITE in APA (or Chicago Manual of Style) form, which means you must use internal citation in your post AND include a Works Cited list at the end of your post.
All posts will be checked through Turnitin for plagiarism and citation accuracy.

The Question for the third discussion:
Discussion Question-
What is civilization? How and why do civilizations differ from each other? What are the most common “symptoms” of civilization and how do they evolve? Of the civilizations we have studied so far, from EurAsia’s Fertile Crescent to Asia to South America, which civilizations have the most in common and why? The least in common and why? What are the most “successful” civilizations we have studied so far, and why?
Answer as thoroughly as possible by Thursday at midnight. You have until Monday night to respond with three peer comments, using as much history as you can – and also with citation in your peer comments. You do need to respond on three different days from Thursday through Monday.

Notes for a thorough discussion post:
– use ideas from the textbook and from the supplemental readings, with citations that include the page numbers. Compare and contrast their perspectives on the discussion question – how are they alike and different?
– discuss the multimedia component you are use – how did it help you understand the material better? How does it build on what you learned from the readings?
– in responses, support your ideas with examples from the readings, with citation and page number; give historical examples to support whenever possible. A peer response with no historical support is not counted as a peer response.
– remember that you need a minimum of three peer comments, posted on THREE DIFFERENT DAYS between Thursday and Monday.
The more actual history you use, the better your grade will be.

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