What it means to be free in America in the context of Reconstruction

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we have been discussing what it means to be free in America in the context of Reconstruction. We have compared the differing visions for Reconstruction among Northerners, Southerners, and freed slaves. In the primary source reading Petition of Black Residents of Nashville (1865), the African American petitioners implored the Tennessee Assembly to “cut up by the roots the system of slavery…the source of all evil which at present afflicts the State.” However, the extent to which this happened is up for debate. In this assignment, discuss:
– Was Reconstruction a success or a failure? Or was it something in between? ( Be sure to make clear what you mean by success or failure).
In your response, consider land policy, key legislation during Presidential and Radical Reconstruction, African American notions of freedom, southern politics, racial and political violence, and northern “fatigue” with Reconstruction.
You must include evidence from at least 2 primary sources we have read during this unit (Petition of Committee on Behalf of the Freedmen to Andrew Johnson 1865, and Ida B. Wells’ Crusade for Justice), or other Chapter 15 sources, such as Source 98. The Mississippi Black Code, or Source 102, Robert B Elliot on Civil Rights.
Your essay must have a clear thesis/argument in the introduction, with three body paragraphs of evidence, and a concluding paragraph to wrap up your argument.

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