CASE STUDY Laura is a social work intern placed at a local Family Services Agency

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Read over the case and make notes on what you feel is ethical and unethical. In this case, you play the role of Laura.
In your book, at the end of chapter 1, there is an ethical decision-making model. It is an 8-step model. Use that ethical decision-making model to figure out the steps you would take to solve the following case study. Outline the steps in your paper to ensure that you have taken all the steps needed to make an ethical decision. If this is not incorporated in your paper, points will be taken off. The purpose of the case study is not to get the right or wrong answer. It is to go through the process of making an ethical decision.
Use your ACA code of ethics to back up the actions you are taking (you should have some codes listed in your paper), which can be located at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Your response should be about 3-4 pages minimum. Your paper should be in APA format 12 font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, double spaced, no cover page or abstract needed. Please make sure you are aware of your grammar. I highly recommend using Grammarly. You will upload the paper to Canvas.
You will be graded on using the ethical decision-making model, use of the ACA, reflection on how your views might hinder your decision, grammar, and writing skills.
Laura is a social work intern placed at a local Family Services Agency. Over the last six months, she has worked with Carla to reunify her with her three children, ages 11, 4, and 3. Carla (age 28) is the mother of Tatiana (age 11), Derrick (age 4), and Angel (age 3). The children were removed to foster care when charges of neglect were substantiated. Derrick and Angel were placed in separate foster homes, and Tatiana stayed with Carla’s sister. Carla’s drug addiction limited her ability to care for her children, who were found to be living in squalid conditions. While the children were in foster care, Carla made a concerted effort to have the children returned to her care. She entered and completed a drug treatment program and claims now to be “completely drug-free.” Carla entered similar programs twice before; this is the first time she has completed a program. The children were reunified with their mother two months ago. Carla has been drug-free for several months and meets the minimum standards of care for her children.
In the field internship seminar, social work interns were exchanging information about their cases. An intern placed in a local junior high school asked her peers for advice about the group she was running. Taking precautions to change the names and identifying details of the group members, the intern spoke about “Mary’s” fears about her family being broken up again “after they just got back together.” Her mother isn’t “doing the bad drugs anymore, but she smokes pot with her boyfriend in the apartment.” “Mary,” tells the group that her mother told her, “not to say nothing to nobody,” if she doesn’t want to split up the family. “Mary” doesn’t want her mother’s social worker to find out about drug use. Laura, the intern, working at the Family Services site, realizes that the client being described is her client’s daughter, Carla. Carla has adamantly denied any drug use and always appears sober at the time of the agency visits. Laura has no firsthand evidence to suggest that Carla is using drugs. Laura wonders what to do with this information.

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