Review the law in your Course book that applies to the facts presented below. Ap

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Review the law in your Course book that applies to the facts presented below. Apply ALL
legal doctrines that apply to material facts. Your answer should demonstrate your ability to
analyze the facts in the question, to tell the difference between material facts and immaterial
facts, and to discern the points of law and fact upon which the case turns. Your answer should
evidence your ability to apply the law to the given facts· and to reason in a logical, lawyer
like manner from the premises you adopt to a sound conclusion. Do not merely show that
you recite legal principles. Instead, try to demonstrate your proficiency in using and applying
them. If your answer contains only a statement of your conclusions, you will receive little
credit. State fully the reasons that support your conclusions, and discuss all points
Sally decided to hold a garage sale. She posted signs in the· neighborhood which read: “Giant
Garage Sale – Electronic keyboard: $200 (one only), designer clothes, CD’s, Books and More!
Sunday, Noon to 4:00 p.m.” ·
On Sunday, Andy saw one of Sally’s signs, and arrived at her home promptly at noon. He
examined the keyboard and then announced, “I’ll take the keyboard for $200, but first I need to
get a truck to move it home. I’ll be back before 4:00 with the money and a truck.” Before Sally
could respond, he left.
Sally’s friend, Betty, stopped by at 1:00, and saw a designer gown. Betty told Sally, “I’d love to
buy that gown, but I can’t afford it!” Sally replied, “I had hoped to get $400 for the gown, Betty,
but you’ve helped me out before, and I’ve always wanted to pay you back. So, if I can’t sell it for
$400 by 3:30, the gown is yours for free.” Betty thanked Sally and left.
At 1:30, Chuck browsed through the garage sale and found a set of art books. “I want to buy
these,” he told Sally, “but I don’t have any cash with me.” “That’s O.K.,” Sally replied. “I’ll sell
you those books for $100. The offer’s open until 4:00.” “Thanks,” Chuck answered, “I’ll be back
as soon as I can.”
At 3:30, Betty met Sally and asked if anyone had purchased the gown yet. “Not yet,” Sally
replied. “No one’s here so I’m going to close up early. It looks like it’s yours.” “Thanks,” Betty
responded. “I am going to run to the store and buy shoes and a purse that match the gown.”
At 3:45, Debbie arrived at the sale, pointed at the gown Sally had promised to Betty, and said,
“I’ll buy that gown for $300, and I’ll buy that set of art books too.” Sally sold the gown and books
to Debbie.
Chuck returned before 4:00, saw Debbie carrying the books and said to Sally, “You can’t sell
those books to her! We had a deal!” Although he attempted to give Sally $200, she refused the
money. Sally sold the keyboard at 3:45. Andy returned at 4:00.
Betty arrived shortly thereafter, and showed Sally the shoes and purse that she had purchased to
go with the gown. Sally told her the evening gown had been sold.
1.Does Andy have an enforceable contract with Sally?

2.Does Betty have an enforceable contract with Sally?

3.Does Chuck have an enforceable contract with Sally?

Write out your decision and the reasoning underscoring your decision.
Consider and include ALL legal arguments that could be raised by either side in this dispute regardless of whether you would win the argument.
Know the law well so you can spot all legal issues in the above fact pattern and use relevant rules.
Briefly but accurately state the relevant rules. Make application of law to facts your primary focus.
Articulate the reasons for your conclusions. Spot and address all relevant issues, even if only briefly for easy issues.
Explore both sides if there are two sides. REACH A DECISION.
Pick and consistently use clear labels for the parties involved in this contract dispute..
You can use this book but you do not have to :Cross, Frank, and Roger LeRoy Miller. The Legal Environment of Business: Text and
Cases. 10th Ed. Stanford:Cengage Learning, ISBN13: 97813337093903

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