Annotated bibliography Online Illicit Drug Markets

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The Annotated bibliography is a listing of references you will annotated and synthesize. Article selection must be related to the following topics:
Cyber-terrorism, Online Illicit Drug Markets, Trafficking (Guns, Drugs, Humans), Critical Infrastructure, Cryptocurrencies (must be crime related).
Undergraduate: 10 sources; Graduate: 20 sources
APA format (follow this video (Links to an external site.)), if you are unsure, you can use the formatted citations available on the various websites.

Remember that an annotated bibliography is a hanging indent (video (Links to an external site.))
Alphabetical by author (1st author if there are multiple)
Everything is double spaced (everything)
Times New Roman 12pt. 1″ margins
Formal paper:
Academic Sources for Papers: The following are the only sources allowed for this course:
Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals
Academic Conference Proceedings & Presentations

United States Case Law
United States Federal and State Law
Certain Government data sets: (US Census, BJS, UCR, NCVS)
Various White Papers from approved sources
Not allowed at all:
Websites, Wikipedia, Blogs
TV, Radio, Podcasts, Movies
No Direct quotes – you must paraphrase all citations
Spelling and grammar count – always
Be clinical in your 4-5 sentences, no first or second person (I, me, our, your, us, we, etc).
Proof read please. Read it out-loud once, you will catch a lot of errors that way. 🙂

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