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This Harvard business Review HBR Position Paper addresses the article, Leading Change: Why Transforming Efforts Fail by John P. Kotter
What are the major themes found in the article? How do the authors
make and support their argument?
a. Heading: Major Themes 2. What are the unique characteristics of this leader or group of leaders that
are advanced in the article?
a. Heading: Leadership Characteristics
3. How does this article describe the leader’s impact on organizations? a.
Heading: Organizational Impact 4. What is the student’s response to the findings, results, or actionable
outcomes of the article?
a. Heading: Student Opinion and Position 5. How does the HRB reading connect to the reading from the Kouzes and
Posner text?
a. Heading: Kouzes and Posner 6. How will the student integrate or apply those aspects of the article with
their understanding and practice of leadership in organizations?
a. Heading: Application and Integration Structure and Style:

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