Analysis of TSMC at the time of the case (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)

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Please submit a 1-page analysis of TSMC at the time of the case (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). You should assess one of TSMC’s important resources/capabilities relevant to the industry and use the VRIO framework from the Barney article appropriately. In order to address the “O” element of the framework, you will have to think of other resources and capabilities and discuss their relationships. You can also follow the procedure discussed in the Barney article (details in course outline).
The due date/time is the same for all sections. This assignment will constitute a portion of your participation mark for the course. The expectations are not as high as they are for full case analyses, but you should endeavour to show that you have read and thought about the case in a substantive fashion. This is not a book report; it is a case analysis.
Please pay close attention to the following instructions:
– Your citations can show only the page number for whatever case fact you are referencing – e.g., Jim Sinegal founded Costco (p. x). No external research needed. Case facts and course material will suffice. If you do use external content, full citation is required.
– Your submission should be in the form of a single Microsoft Word document.
– Please include a title and your name at the top of the page (you must include both in order to receive full credit for the write-up).
– Your write up must be 1.5 or double spaced, and it should have 1″ margins all around the text.
– Please use 11 or 12 point Times Roman font so we don’t go blind.
– Concise writing is a valuable skill that we expect you to work on in this course, and points will be deducted for exceeding the length limit.
– Pay attention to the due date/time. Submissions will not be accepted after the box closes in Canvas.

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