Sport sponsorship and revenue

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In sport sponsorship and revenue there are a variety of ways to promote the sport, engage fans,
raise funds, build partnerships and plan special events. To that end, you are to listen to one
podcast analyzing the podcast of your choice with those concepts in mind. You
can choose from the sport sponsorship podcasts listed on document. There are 4 different podcasts
to choose from with each having many different choices to listen to. If you find another sport
sponsorship podcast you would like to listen to you MUST have prior approval from the
instructor. Each podcast analysis should be no more than 300 words.
i. Introduce the podcast and credit the source from where you got the podcast
ii. Brief background of the person presenting the podcast
iii. Summarize the key components
iv. How can you implement the concepts and ideas presented into your field of work now
or in the future?
v. What are the top 3 “nuggets” or takeaways?

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