The Best CRM Software for 2021

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There are many CRM vendors in the marketplace today, from the largest––to one of the smallest such as Insightly. The article, The Best CRM Software for 2021 ( , provides a review of their top 10. Note that there are 3 selected as the PC Editors’ Choice.
Write a paper comparing the 3 editors’ choices by answering the following:
What are the annual revenues, various service offerings, and pricing of each of the three?
Why did they receive the editors’ choice “award”?
Who are their target markets?
Which would you choose for your firm? Why?
Are there any other factors that contribute to the comparison?
NOTE: You will have to do some research on each of the firms by looking at their websites, social media presence (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and even places like Gartner and Forrester (research firms). You also may use tables, graphs, and images to make your case.
Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages, and conform to APA guidelines

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