Describe Emergency Department Triage classification

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1. The nurse care plan for an older client with dehydration includes interventions for oral health. Which interventions are within the scope of practice for an LPN being supervised by a nurse? Select all that apply
A. Reminding the client to avoid commercial mouthwashes
B. Encouraging mouth rising with warm saline
C. Assess skin turgor by pinching the skin over the back of the hand
D. Observing the lips, tongue, and mucous membranes
E. Providing mouth care every 2 hours while the client is awake
F. Seeking a dietary consult to increase fluids on meal trays
1.1 Provide rational to your answer
1.2 Include activities within the scope of practice of the LPN/LVN, UAP, and RN
1.3 Include aspects to take into consideration when providing discharge teaching
2. Describe Emergency Department Triage classification. Include examples.

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