Determinants of Health Case Study

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It is a group case study on Determinant of Health and my part if (Financial and Social status)
Assignment #1 Determinants of Health Case Study
This is a group assignment where the group will consist of a maximum of 5 members working on a
project (the groups have been assigned). Please see Management/Groups on SLATE. You are expected
to submit only one professionally completed typed assignment discussing 5 Determinants of Health in
relation to the real-life situation in Attawapiskat (see synopsis). As well one member of the group must
submit the final assignment to the Assignment Dropbox on SLATE. Review the course and topical outline for the due date.
Attawapiskat is a Cree community a few kilometres upstream from James Bay on the Attawapiskat
River, 500 kilometres northeast of Timmins, Ont.
It has had a chronic housing shortage for years, one that was exacerbated in 2011 when several
families had to move out of their homes because of a sewage backup. The community has
experienced ongoing issues related to the safety of their drinking water.
You must acknowledge all your sources (books, articles, and internet) as discussed in class. These
sources must be identified in the body of your paper and in an APA 7 reference list.
Plagiarism is a serious offence. It is the act of presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own.
Whether you quote directly or put the ideas in your own words you must acknowledge your source. If
you plagiarize, even if unintentional you will receive a mark of zero. Make sure to document your

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