Diversity at Global

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Diversity at Global
I have been at my current job for almost ten years, the las year as a registered nurse. I have never taken a diversity course, nor am I aware of anyone has. The workplace itself is very diverse and I would be hard pressed to find a culture that isn’t represented in our ranks. Cultural competence in each other’s cultures is less available. Cultural competence is nursing care that is planned and implemented in a way that is sensitive to the needs of individuals, families, and groups from diverse populations within society (Bessie, 2020). I notice very often nurses at my hospital assuming people that appear more ambiguous with their ethnicity are Hispanic. They will use the Spanish they know to speak to them and then watch them backtrack as the patient states, I do not speak Spanish.” We do serve a high Hispanic population at my hospital, but truly it should never be assumed that just because they are brown, they are Hispanic. This isn’t something management typically intervenes in because most people are thoughtful and understand people make mistakes. This is an opportunity for management to address cultural competence in the staff. In an in-patient psychiatric that incorporated Spanish language proverbs into therapy sessions found increased participation, improved motivation, and greater willingness to explore emotional topics among Spanish-speaking patients. Promoting awareness and education plays a key role in improving cultural competence in health care. To develop cultural competence, healthcare professionals need to identify their beliefs and build an awareness of their culture (Tulane, 2021). While there haven’t been many complaints yet, I believe that my workplace can benefit from this type of thinking and training in the future to be more culturally competent.
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