Ethical Issue Clinical Judgment Case Scenario

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Ethical Issue Clinical Judgment Case Scenario
Nurse leaders and managers are responsible for the unit’s ethical and legal decisions.
Initial Post
Consider the examples provided below and describe how you would handle the experiences.
A manager is not granting pay to someone who worked overtime.
A nurse manager tolerating verbal abuse of another nurse.
Constantly short staffing the unit when there is high census.
A nurse not providing all of the patients information during shift report.
Favoring one staff over others.
Making a hiring or firing decision based on friendship.
Reply Post
Respond to at least one of your peers about their example that illustrates their interpretation of DECIDE. Expand on your peer’s ideas.
“Expand on your peer’s ideas” needs more than 1 – 2 sentences for an acceptable reply.
If you refer to a website or article, be sure to cite it in APA format. This prevents plagiarism and allows your fellow students to review the cites and increase the class knowledge base.

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