How do Social Determinants of Health affect the community

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Review the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Links to an external site.) and Healthy People 2020 (Links to an external site.)
Identify a current public health care issue.
How do Social Determinants of Health affect the community?
Are there health disparities and health care disparities?
Are there current policies or laws that affect the issue?
Write a 750 to 1000-word paper
Clearly introduce your topic
Define and terms or concepts
Scope- What is the breadth and depth of the problem? How many people are affected? How are they affected?
Scale- Are there economic costs associated? What are they?
Position Statement. Write a persuasive statement including
Nursing Theory and / or social justice theory/models
Policy, Laws (current or proposed) if any exist
Public perception
Why it matters
Proposed action
Use research/evidence to support your proposal
Discuss what you have learned, how your perspective has changed related to the content of this paper
Write a letter
Identify an appropriate publication- and using the information from your paper, write a;
Letter to the editor of a professional journal
Letter to the editor of a newspaper
OR a short article to submit to a local publication
Attach your letter as an Appendix to the paper

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