Modern Popular Culture Audiences PowerPoint Presentation

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Modern Popular Culture Audiences PowerPoint Presentation
Congratulations! You have been chosen by esteemed colleagues to present at the National Conference of Modern Popular Culture Studies. Due to your interest and growing expertise in the area of audience studies, you have been asked to prepare a presentation with a PowerPoint entitled “Factors That Can Define and Create Audiences for Popular Culture Artifacts and Expressions.”
The conference board has asked that you create an outline of your presentation in the PowerPoint template. They have indicated specific guidelines in the “Notes” section of each slide.
Note: To complete this Assessment, complete the PowerPoint Presentation Template paying close attention to the PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines and the requirements as indicated in the “Notes” section of the slides. You are required to complete all of the 18 slides in the PowerPoint presentation template. However, you are encouraged to add second examples and/or second slides to any and all of the sections to help your audience understand the points that you are trying to make.

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