Nurses work within the constraints of the situation. Staffing, budget, day of th

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Nurses work within the constraints of the situation. Staffing, budget, day of the week, number of patients, and situations on the unit among many others. Nurse managers also have constraints today due to limited staffing, staff mix, patient: nurse ratios, etc. Managers – and often charge nurses too — have to make unit decisions for a shift based on the constraints given to them and the best possible outcomes for the patients and staff. Is it easy, no way!
This exercise places you in a fictitious nursing unit with constraints. This is NOT your unit or any unit you know. Your work situation does NOT apply to the scenario below. Please work through the discussion and spreadsheet to the best of your ability to work within the unit’s constraints. Put your thinking cap on! See how to best solve the puzzle!
First, watch the video made for this assignment BEFORE beginning the assignment.
This assignment does not apply to your unit, where you work, or your own personal working conditions.
The situation in this exercise is intended as a critical thinking exercise for you to demonstrate your ability to work through a difficult situation.
Do NOT apply anything from your personal working unit to this scenario unit. Do not include your personal working conditions in the answer to this discussion question.
Please follow the instructions and experience the constraints that nurse managers typically work within.
For your initial post, complete the following:
Next, find, open, and read the Excel spreadsheet document that goes with this discussion question. Complete the spreadsheet and attach it to your post. Then, return to the discussion question. Prepare a minimum of a 200-word response using the instructions and the scoring rubric.
Patient Acuity – Spreadsheet Exercise 1.1 Patient Acuity, Workload, and FTEs
Discussion Questions
Question 1:
If the acuity at your facility goes up during a year’s time, and your budget plan does not include for an increase in acuity levels or an increase in census, what will you need to as a leader and manager in this organization?
Question 2:
If the acuity at your facility goes DOWN during a year’s time, and your budget plan does not include an increased census, what will you need to do as a nursing leader/manager?
• Discussion postings are responsive to the requirements of the discussion instructions and demonstrate the student has read the assigned materials. Minimum of 200 words for the initial post unless otherwise specified in the discussion question instructions (10 points).
• Post is primarily written in own words and does not include more than one direct quote and is not more than 10% of the total word count (10 points).
• Discussion postings significantly contribute to the quality of interaction by providing rich and relevant examples, applicable research support, discerning ideas, and/or stimulating thoughts/probes, and are respectful when offering suggestions, constructive feedback, or opposing viewpoints (10 points).
• The Initial Discussion Posts requires 2 credible sources published in the last 5 years; one of the sources must be the course textbook (5 points).
• Discussion posts use in-text citations and references in proper APA format; (5 points).

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