Synthesis Assignment InstructionsSynthesis Assignment Instructions Using all ele

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Synthesis Assignment InstructionsSynthesis Assignment Instructions
Using all elements of universal standards of reasoning: clarity and precision, accuracy, relevance, depth, breadth, and logic develop a 3-5 page paper answering the questions below. Be sure to use APA formatting and support your ideas with the appropriate referencing.
Synthesis Assignment Instructions and Required Content:
Practice Environment and National Initiatives: As described in chapter 19 of your textbook, nursing practice and healthcare have changed radically in recent years. Your text outlines some of these changes, and discusses the foundational reports/initiatives related to nursing practice. One example is the IOM/RWJF Future of Nursing report, which is provided in the Week 6 content folder.
Provide a summary of the changes that have occurred in the last two decades in the healthcare environment and the major reports and initiatives that specifically address the nursing profession. Basically, describe the report and why it was issued. Then, focus on providing context to the reports. This is the portion of the assignment that shows higher-level thinking. Do not just list what was recommended, but explain why those recommendations were important and how they affected nursing as a profession.
You will need to read outside of the summary presented in your textbook to fully understand this portion of the assignment.
Core Competencies: These major initiatives led to the identification of five core competencies for all health professionals.
Provide patient-centered care
Work in interdisciplinary teams
Employ evidence-based practice
Apply quality improvement
Utilize informatics
Describe the 5 core competencies for all healthcare professionals and how you incorporate these into your own nursing career. When you are discussing your use of the competencies, you may write in 1st person.
For the synthesis portion, include the following: How do these competencies relate to the initiatives and changes you described? Why are these competencies considered so important in light of the changes in practice and environment?
A minimum of 4 scholarly references are required.

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