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Surgical/Cultural Presentation
Attached Files:
File Teaching Presentation Plan revised 2022.doc (28 KB)
Surgical Presentation Instructions and Rubric
Overall Outcome: Student groups will create a presentation (Power Point or Prezi) highlighting the chosen type of surgery and present a teaching plan that reflects specific cultural and developmental considerations. (See attached teaching plan outline) each presentation must be at least 20 minutes but no longer than 25 minutes and must demonstrate the use of current evidence-based research. See specific student learning outcomes below.
Total points available for this group project is 50 points.

PowerPoint presentations or Prezi links must be uploaded to blackboard as a group by 09/18 at 1159PM. Please make sure to send a file not a google docs link.
Specific Student Learning Outcomes
The student will outline the medical diagnosis requiring surgical intervention.
The students will explain the assigned surgical intervention.
The students will develop a plan of care for a surgical patient specific to the surgical intervention.
The students will develop a developmentally and culturally specific discharge teaching.
The students will effectively demonstrate teamwork.
********THIS PROJECT REVOLVES AROUND 6 year old hispanic girl post tonsillectomy,plays soccer and cannot wait to practice beiing goalie*******************

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